Welcome to the official website of Gary Vine, who is a UK based internet marketer, product developer, web developer, hosting specialist, amongst many other interests.

I have been involved in internet related businesses for the past 10 years and during that time have learned a lot, gained a lot of connections and built a formidable reputation with all I deal with whether it be associates or customers.

However, a lot of time was wasted during the past 10 years, as I focused on helping a wide spectrum of customers to develop their own websites and spending too much time and dedication working for employers by having a proper “paid” job and salary. I do not regret for one minute the work I have carried out on behalf of clients, I have had great satisfaction in doing that and will continue to do so.

What I do regret is the time wasted working for other people, being dedicated to a variety of retail jobs at Store Management Level which stopped me progressing any type of business and even threw neglect onto my family.

New Chapter РNew Beginnings which what drives me forward, what happened yesterday is irrelevant to what will happen tomorrow. What I mean by this is that I will guarantee to do something that will make a difference to either myself, the business, a customer, a friend, a family member and so on Рthis is what drives me forward and drives myself to achieve personal and business related goals and ambitions.

I am excited at the prospect I’m entering a ¬†new territory, learning new skills and techniques I will share these with you and at the same time keep you upto date with what’s happening with my business and my personal lifestyle (well some of it).

My goal is plain and simple and that is to make a difference to myself and people I deal with whether these are family, friends, colleagues, customers and visitors to one of my many websites.

This site features many inspiring articles of confidence, goals, ambition and too help you get the most out of yourself. I use the content of these articles to push myself forward. We also have a section on web development, hosting, recommendations, Internet Marketing which we provide educational articles on these topics.

My personal updates within my lifestyle can be found at my personal blog and any press or news is also separately categorised on this site.


I am personally a paid member of both these sites listed below which contains hundreds of articles, videos, audios and other resources that can really help any type of business. To find out more about any of these exclusive membership sites just click the relevant banner and I may be talking to you shortly on their discussion boards.

Even though a majority of my time is spent stuck behind a desk in my office I always like to take time out to interact with my visitors all the time, so be free to leave comments on any of the articles within this site (we do need to approve articles before they are published) and start a conversation off, or be free to connect socially using any of the social networking links featured at the bottom of this and every page.copt

In the meantime, I wish every single person who visits this site (or any of our others) all the best and hope you and your families have a safe and fun filled lifestyle.

All the best


Gary Vine