The website you are browsing is the official website of Gary Vine, who runs Gary Vine Associates which specialises in Web Development, Hosting, Online Marketing, Blogging, Interactive Services, Product Development, Niche Marketing and Information Publishing.

People often as me what do I do on the internet. My answer is usually plain and simple and respond by simply saying “Web Development”. This instantly states I develop websites. However, it is much easier to say that than fully explain for example what Niche Marketing is ….

As you have probably found this website via a search engine or referred from one of my existing website I’ll give you a summary of what I actually do:

  1. Web Development – work on behalf of a few clients building and maintaining their online presence.
  2. Hosting – I run my own reliable hosting service with servers in Chicago and London. We have over 2,000 domains on these servers. All websites designed and owned by us are kept on our own servers.
  3. Online Marketing – Using various techniques I market other peoples products and earn a commisssion for everything I sell. This is known as Affiliate Marketing. I also market my own products.
  4. Blogging – I run a growing network of blogging websites which includes a music site and article directory. These sites are funded by external and adsense advertising.
  5. Interactive Services – new but launching such as and will be bringing some forums and other interactive online sites together soon.
  6. Product Development – CD’s, DVD, Manuals, Courses, Digital products, etc, etc. Some of these are our own and some are licensed products we have permission to reproduce and sell.
  7. Niche Marketing – We look into interesting markets and see if we’re able to produce or recommend a product into that market.
  8. Information Publishing – publish a variety of information such as manuals, reports and even distribute articles to a vast range of sources.

On top of the above I have managed to hold down a management position with a large retail chain.

Being involved in these types of business activities I am always meeting new and interesting people such as clients and colleagues with who I joint venture with and others I just became acquainted with and end up being good friends. It’s a exciting and rewarding industry to be involved in.

This website provides a lot more information about what we’re doing, what we’ve achieved and what we plan to achieve. Additionally, we also provide informativ articles about a variety of topics that inspire and help us and hopefully will also provide guidance to you.

All the best to you.




Gary Vine